Gate Operators: Slide

ELITE - Robo Slide
The Robo Slide is a good choice for residential and moderate traffic flow gated communities. The Robo Slide is rated for 70 cycles per day and will handle a gate 20 ft. long weighing up to 800lbs.

ELITE - SL-3000- ½ HP
The SL-3000- ½ HP is great for high traffic gated communities and commercial properties. The SL-3000-½ HP is capable of a continuous duty cycle and will operate a gate that is 37 ft. and 1000lbs.

ELITE SL-3000- 1 HP
The SL-3000- 1 Hp is able to operate a gate that is 37 ft. and 2000lbs.

FAAC – 746
The FAAC – 746 is a prime example that powerful slide gate operators do come in small packages. The FAAC – 746 measures: L – 7 ¾, W – 5 ½, H – 11 ½. This dwarfs any other slide gate operator in its class and is superior in durability.

FAAC- 860
The FAAC – 860 offers extra power on longer and heavier gates with a minimal increase in size compared to the FAAC – 746. It offers a compact solution to heavier slide gate applications without sacrificing durability.