Gate Operators: Gate Mounts

The LA400 is the perfect operator for single residential properties. It’s affordable and capable of working a 16 ft. gate up 550lbs. It also includes a battery back-up.

The Apollo is a powerful post mount operator that is capable of A/C power as well as solar. The Apollo has a battery backup and can work a gate that is 16ft. at 600lbs.

The Patriot combines power and functionality. The Patriot has a built in control feature that slows the operation at the end of an opening or closing cycle. This will prevent wear on motor and creates quiet operation. The Patriot comes equipped with a battery back-up and the power to operate a gate that is 16ft. by 650lbs. with A/C or solar power.

FAAC - 400
An Italian made FAAC-400 will be one of the best purchases you ever make. Combining hydraulic motor construction as well as exceptional electronics the FAAC-400 provides a functional and very long-lasting gate operator. Some FAAC-400 models can operate a swing gate 22ft. by 2000lbs. However smaller models can function an 18ft. gate at 1200lbs.

FAAC - 412
The FAAC-412 is ideal for medium duty residential gates, with all the superior control electronics of its older brothers. The FAAC-412 is unique, long lasting and affordable.